Welcome to My Human Resource Management Book

Welcome to My Human Resource Management Book. HRM covers a lot of ground, and on this website we would like to go into detail about a great deal of the subject. Many people think that Human Resource Management should be an after-thought, something to implement when the organisation becomes large, thinking that a good product and business plan is first and most important. However, HR is a very important aspect in organisations, as it is used to keep employees happy, solve problems, review effectiveness and manage the rules and policies which businesses must have in place.

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We have all the information from the definition of Human Resource Management to the theories which relate to the subject. Not only will this allow you to learn the information required, but it will allow you to understand the subject in more detail. In each area we present a definition of that part of the subject and then go into more detail, finishing off with a few questions to make you think about what you have read. Hopefully these questions should act as good reference points on the content you will need to remember for your exams on the subject.
Please use the links below to navigate around the website. The following are the main sub-sections on the website, within these we have tried to also organise everything into categories and tags, allowing you to see how the information links up and flows.